BIM ACADEMY——采薇君华英国战略合作伙伴

        1.   About us(关于我们)

       BIM Academy was co-founded by Northumbria University and Ryder Architecture in 2010 as a centre of excellence for digital engineering and transformation.  We have developed an international reputation as a valued support for the real estate and infrastructure sectors through our consultancy, research and education activities.

        BIM学院是由诺森比亚大学(Northumbria University)和赖德建筑(Ryder Architecture)2010年共同创立,是一个优秀的数字化工程和转型中心。通过我们的咨询、研究和教育活动,我们作为房地产和基础设施领域的宝贵支持,建立了国际声誉。

      We help transform our clients’ business through the intelligent application of smart processes and digital technologies.  Independent, research based expertise is combined with practical experience from the industry to deliver real value throughout the whole life cycle.  We maintain close links with all major software vendors but at the same time offer impartial advice and support to organisations on their path to digital adoption and deployment, adding value and reducing risk. 


       We have no hidden agenda.  We start from first principles.  We get under the skin of your business.  We drive real value for you.


           2.   Clients (顾客)

       We are proud of our work. We have helped our clients transform their working practices and achieve genuine value and reduced risk through the intelligent application of digital tools and processes.


           3.   Consultancy (公司咨询)

       We examine the value and relevance of BIM processes to your organisation and provide honest and impartial advice on how to adopt digital tools and processes    wirms of working practice which may need to be addressed. This will include assessing the competency of your organisation. How you and your supply chain currently operate will all affect the approach you need to adopt.thin your business,  including the cultural challenges in terms of working practice which may need to be addressed. This will include assessing the competency of your organisation. How you and your supply chain currently operate will all affect the approach you need to adopt.


       Through face to face engagement and careful analysis we will be able to prepare an organisational BIM strategy, with an implementation roadmap which will include training and mentoring plans for your workforce. Recognising the various standards and protocols and making this work for you are essential to allow the use of BIM to enhance the performance of your business.


       Business case development We will help develop a plan which works for you and will show some early benefits that you can expect to realise.


       Organisational and staff development programmes Some reconfiguring of your working practices will be needed to reflect the benefits realisation proposals within your business plan. Probably the biggest challenge we all face is defining the right training programme for individuals. We have developed a range of training modules which reflect different levels of need and competence. They enable staff to learn in a safe environment rather than take chances on a live project. We can also offer less formal coaching programmes.


       BIM support and resource planning We can provide support to your organisation and team at all levels which will allow you to better plan and utilise your resources.


        Change management Implementing BIM will inevitably involve changes for your workforce. Our experience to date will allow you to quickly and effectively build a change programme into your overall plans.


        Company protocols For the maximum benefit to be realised from BIM it is essential to align company protocols and procedure to the BIM process. Getting this right at the earliest stage will reap significant gains as the roll out of BIM runs through the organisation.


        Risk analysis Running a full risk analysis through all stage of the process will provide useful data and information which is key to successful delivery. We use risk analysis as a key in project control.

        风险分析:在通过所有阶段中运行一个完整的风险分析过程, 将提供有用的数据和信息是成功交付的关键。我们将风险分析作为项目控制的关键。

        Collaborative workshops By definition BIM is a collaborative process. We can facilitate workshops geared towards the level of collaboration needed to implement BIM.

        协同讲习班: 通过BIM是一个协作过程的定义。我们可以促进针对实现BIM所需的协作级别的研讨会。

        Software training strategy A fundamental requirement in many cases, once the earlier assessments have been completed. We will advise on and can give the appropriate level of training to an organisation and client team.


        Technology assessment and research As part of building the business case we will help assess your current technology capability and needs. Researching the market for the best solution balancing risk with opportunity will allow us to provide the best current solutions.


       Best practice We work across the industry and so have access to the best practice currently available. We have no allegiance to a software provider and therefore can give independent advice. Our relationship with the leading industry forums, task groups and practitioners means we are always aware of current best practice.


        Quality control We can develop a quality control module which will enable the balance of quality and cost to be transparent and maintained.


        Performance measurement Keeping up to date with the overall performance of the workforce and the facility needs to be measured from the outset. We can provide advice on how best this can be achieved using a straightforward approach.