Course Outline:This three-day course is aimed at construction professionals who want to experience the benefits of Business Information Modelling (BIM) tools and gain an insight into the potential for BIM to deliver projects faster, better and more cost-effectively.


Entry Requirements: There are no specific entry requirements for this course.


Key Learning Outcomes:


Day-1: Introduction to the workshop and meet the team

What is BIM with case studies

What is the government strategy including standards and protocols such as PAS1192:2&3

Design brief, Employers Information Requirements (EIR) and Asset Information Requirements (AIR)


Identification of BIM processes including:


-Design authoring

-Design coordination

-Model federation and validation

-Environmental analysis

-Dataset development and export (COBie or equivalent)Construction simulation (4D)

-Estimating and cost management (5D)

-Facilities Management (6D) - Visualisation

-Development of a BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

-Introduction to the Common Data Environment (CDE)

-Data Drop 1

-Design review (development of the concept mass model and area scheduling)

-Energy analysis

-Closing summary


Day 2:

-Introduction Design authoring (light training on model authoring and cost tools)

-Model navigation and reviewing (free tools)

-Model federation and clash detection Introduction to 4BIM

-Data drop 2a/b

-Model auditing

-Introduction to cost modelling

-4D construction simulation

-Closing summary


Day 3: 


-Introduction to family creation

-4D construction simulation delegate development

-Introduction to 2D detailing and rendering

-Populating models with data

-Further model federation and clash detection

-Data drop 3

-Facilities management integration

-Delegate presentation

-Lessons learned workshop